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Gira il Sella sugli sci in un giorno!

Let's bet this ski excursion is unique. On the Sellaronda itinerary you can ski around the imposing Sella Group in only one day: this means 26 km of slopes, 4 valleys and three provinces with one single skipass.

Plan for 6 hours excursion and pay attention to getting the last ski-lift in the afternoon.

Ski on the Sellaronda clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Choose your favourite one


The clockwise route of the Sellaronda, marked on the map in orange, begins in the center of Selva di Val Gardena. Take the chairlift Costabella to the Dantercepies cable car that goes up to Gardena Pass, then follow the slopes to Colfosco where the chairlift Borest takes you to Corvara, after which take the cable car Boè to get down to Campolongo Pass. The pistes lead to Bec de Roces where the route for Arabba begins. Once you’ve arrived in Arabba, take the cable car that goes to Porta Vescovo then ski all the way down to Pont de Vauz. From there, the chairlift at Fedom will take you to Pordoi Pass. After a short distance you will come to the chairlift Lezuo that goes to Belvedere, continue the descent until Plan Frataces where you’ll find Lupo Bianco and from there you take a gondola and charilift up to Rodella Pass – Sella Pass. A gorgeous long slope leads down to Selva di Val Gardena. This route covers approximately 13.518 meters with lifts and 23.100 m of actual downhill skiing making a total of about 37 kilometers.


The counter clockwise route of the Sellaronda, marked on the map in green, also begins in the center of Selva di Val Gardena by taking the cable car Ciampinoi and following route 5 till Plan de Gralba. Once you’ve arrived there, you take the chairlift Piz Seteur, go down a short distance to get to the chairlift Sassolungo where you find yourself literally at the base of Sassolungo. Next, go through “boulder city” till you get to Sella Pass, from there take the charilift Sasso Levante to Salei valley. In Salei valley you need to go near the end till you get to the cable car Plan Frataces, then continue on to Lupo Bianco towards Kristiania where a 6 seater chairlift will take you to the Sas Becè lodge. The next long descent will lead you straight to the ski center of Belvedere in Arabba.
To get to the chairlift that will take you to Bec de Roces, you must first walk across the road, not ski. At the end of the descent you will come to Campolongo Pass where you will get the charilift to Crep dl Mont after which you will continue down to Corvara. Two chairlifts run from Corvara to Colfosco where you will then find a long cable car that takes you to Cir at Gardena Pass. Here there is a chairlift from Val Setus that runs to Gardena Pass. Take the next chairlift to Dantercepies and follow the slope that goes through the forest down to Val Gardena.
This route covers approximately 15.705 meters with lifts and 22.950 m of actual downhill skiing making a total of about 38 kilometers and 655 meters.

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